Updated Statement From Greenway Health

May 12, 2017 | 5:30pm ET

The restoration of full functionality to the portion of our customers affected by the recent cyber attack has been completed. Affected customers have been individually contacted regarding restoration of their functionality. Any customers with questions or concerns are encouraged to contact us at 877-932-6301. We very much appreciate the patience and support our customers have shown during this incident, and we deeply regret any disruption it may have caused.

We are continuing to work with the Verizon RISK Team, a leading cybersecurity forensics consultant, and other outside experts to further enhance the security of the environment against future attacks, and to improve our recovery time should it ever again become necessary. Working with those experts, we have already taken concrete steps, including the addition of monitoring tools with advanced threat protection.

Further information on those efforts will be provided as appropriate.

Greenway Health Reports Criminal Cyber Attack Affecting Certain Customers

TAMPA, April 24–An apparent criminal cyber attack that has affected a limited portion of its customers was reported today by Greenway Health to its affected customers, the company says.

The incident involves “ransomware,” in which the attackers freeze access to data and offer to restore it in exchange for a ransom payment. The company says it is working with law enforcement, including the FBI.

“We deeply regret any disruption this criminal attack could cause to your practice and for any concerns it may cause to your patients,” CEO Scott Zimmerman told affected customers Monday morning.

Zimmerman emphasized that there is no evidence at this time that any patient data has been “exfiltrated” or otherwise misused. And he said the company has backup data and expects little or no data loss. The impact of this attack appears limited to some Internet-hosted users of the company’s Intergy platform.

“Based on our current understanding of the circumstances, we have no reason to believe this attack will extend to our customers on other platforms. Though we build extensive safeguards into our products and services, no Internet-based system is completely immune from attack. We are continuously focused on evaluating additional measures that we may take to further enhance our defenses against cybercrime,” Zimmerman said.

The company said it will be providing enhanced customer service and support to affected practices, and will provide additional information to its customers later today. Customers who have not experienced difficulty are unlikely to be affected, but anyone concerned should call 877-932-6301.

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